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Exploring the Chakras to help you live a happy and balanced life

Being a hairstylist, it is essential that I live a healthy and mentally balanced life. While ultimately I focus on my art, my canvas, your hair, It's also imperative I find balance within myself. You wouldn't want to spend 2-5 hours with a miserable hairstylist would you?

Anyways, as a yoga practitioner and moon child, I've studied a little bit about the Chakra system and decided to share some of this knowledge with anyone who comes across my website. Ever heard a hippie yogini say "My chakras aren't aligned"? Well, there's actually a thought process behind all of that.

Originated from an ancient text in India (although a worldwide system), the chakra system focuses on each human's individual needs. The idea is, that if there is an underlying need that you aren't being met on a psychological or physical level, you are living with imbalance in your mind, body, and spirit.

What is happiness right? Not so much monetary possessions, but harmony.

Ultimately, think of these as tenants of living life. This isn't meant to be an academic text, just some information I've gathered and want to share with all of you that might help you live a better life.

There are 7 Chakras that we are going to learn about. Starting with the root chakra, the basic source of safety, security, and comfort.

See you on the next one

xx Anya

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