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Fall 2020 Hair Trends

Check out some of my favorite Fall 2020 hair trends! Which is your favorite? I, of course, adore anything that involves balayage! The classic Fall Balayage is enriched Gold tones and rich reds definitely don't have to be a seasonal affair, but isn't it just perfect for this time of year? If you have a blonde or even caramel balayage, you can easily add some red tones by stopping by for a gloss! Who doesn't want their hair matching the autumn leaves? Although out here in San Diego, we really aren't feeling much fall weather with these 90 degree days in November!

I am so thrilled that peek a boo hair color is coming back! I've been seeing many girls doing the underneath layer of their hair, so when they pull it up in a ponytail or bun they have a fun pop of color. I've also done it where the underneath face-framing section of the hair has a pop too for a little additional fun. Try a fantasy color like pink or purple, or go for a bright blonde for a striking new look!

The Shag is an absolute classic! If you have curly, wavy, and textured hair, this is the look for you. It can be very low maintenance, it's stylish, and if you're trying to define your curls these short, fun, and sexy layers are for you.

Finally, we have Curtain Bangs! I absolutely love curtain bangs! They're cute, feminine, and noncommittal. If you have been contemplating bangs for a minute, but haven't been able to make the cut (pun intended), these are for you. They are suitable on virtually every face shape, and they're not nearly as....well....annoying as traditional bangs and don't get as much in your face. Plus, they require less maintenance because they're longer by nature. Give them a try! I love these for my straight and wavy-haired ladies.

Ready for a change? Come visit me and let's freshen up your look this season! You can find me at Bleach and Brawn salon, click here for my availability and 24/7 booking. I can't wait to meet you!!

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