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Maintaining Gratitude in Trying Times

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my daily gratitude "challenge", if you will. But it's quite hard to keep a positive and gracious mindset when living in 2020.

One thing I noticed, is even though I have been trying to keep a high vibe, I noticed I wasn't feeling abundant. Abundance is when your soul is full when it's satisfied and nourished. Abundance doesn't equal monetary security per se, but more of a mindset. I'm going to be honest with you since the election I have been SLOW in the salon, I've never been this slow before in my career and it definitely has been consuming me. "Poor me", I thought. "I had so many professional goals this year, and covid ruined all of them. I'll never get ahead". Well, it's no wonder I wasn't feeling abundant. I just set limitations on myself.

However, this evening put things into perspective. I was at the wireless store and a woman was telling the staff that she had been unemployed since March, like many people this year, due to Covid. She couldn't pay her cell phone bill and was facing the likely possibility of it being disconnected. She said she was going to have to choose between food or keeping her phone active. While I've had my trials of unemployment this year, I never thought that I wouldn't have a salon to return to. Even with facing another impending salon closure, I have thankfully been able to keep my head above water despite this years ups and downs. I then realized how ugly this pandemic has been for many people, and my "problems" aren't even worth mentioning.

My husband and I looked at each other as this was going on and both instinctively knew that we needed to help. I've been in situations where I have less than $100 to my name not only a year ago. It sucks. Then when you do have the money you have to pay off bills and feels like you can never get ahead. It's draining.

I could feel this woman's pain from my heart and simultaneously my husband and I looked at each other and knew we needed to help her. I offered to pay her past due balance. She didn't want to accept, but thankfully she did after a little nudging. Then the most beautiful thing happened: After I approached her another gal in the store was able to help her out as well and she got her past due and current bill covered!

If you had talked to me earlier today I would have told you I wasn't in a position to spend any money right now. But, I realized that no matter what has happened this year I was able to pay my bills and help a fellow human out. With all of this said, I challenge you all to give an act of compassion to a stranger before the new year. It doesn't even have to monetary, just kind. I was reluctant to share this story, because I'm not a saint or trying to get praise, but the world can use a little more compassion.

If you end up spreading Joy, I'd love to hear your story.

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