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About Me

Hi, I’m Stefania, I was given the nickname Anya in the salon, but you can call me whatever you'd like!


I got into hair for a career of freedom and creativity and stayed for the love of connecting and inspiring confidence.  My mantra is "Look Good. Feel Good.  Do Good" and I believe inner beauty and confidence make the world a better place!


After graduating from Paul Mitchell: the School, I jumped into the salon world with excitement in 2013.  As a passionate and highly imaginative hairstylist, I am constantly enrolled in continued education.


I am a perfectionist and have become certified in balayage and advanced blonding, so I am confident to say we can achieve your hair goals! I can carefully craft beautiful beachy blondes, hand-painted balayage, dimensional brunette's,  platinum blondes, and bombshell bold colors.  I got you!   I am very comfortable working with any hair color and creating the most effortless blend--no matter the challenge, and trust me, I'm always up for a good hair challenge.


I do a killer mens cut/clipper cut too, so if you need a polished do' for the dude in your life, send them my way. 

When I'm not at the salon, you can probably find me hopping into a yoga class, roller rink, or drumming at local drum circles and getting involved with the community.

I find that I do best when I'm in the zone and really focused on my work, so if you are looking for a more quiet/relaxing experience, I am more than happy to provide that to you.


About the Salon I manage....

I currently manage the Beach Shack Hair Salon in Carlsbad Village!  My aunt Diana owns the shop.  I came into the salon with huge ambitions in  December 2020 during the third salon closure that year help run the salon and give it a much needed facelift.   During an uncertain time, we went all in and completely renovated the salon and created a really wonderful space for you all which I'm very proud of.  Not only do I get to work with family, but I have the privilege of leading, growing, and coaching a team of very incredible stylists, which have now become part our our family.

Check out my New Guest Packages, or if you are a new guest who hasn't seen me in 4 or more months.  I have a super simple booking process, based on your feedback!

Have questions?  Email me at

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